Staying Relevant by Utilizing SEO

what is SEO?

What Is SEO, and Why Does It Matter?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is one of the most important topics when it comes to creating and maintaining a large viewer base for a website. Whether it be a personal blog, a website for your business, or anything else you have, SEO utilization is what will get your content on more screens and in front of more people.

In a nutshell, SEO is a term used to describe the methods and tools used to work with the algorithms in place by search engines such as Google to rank a website higher on their search results page. These algorithms are designed to put the most relevant links at the top of the list, while ensuring the most relevant links are real (natural) sites and not spam pages created solely for the purpose of amassing views for the purposes of ad revenue. Learning how to use SEO for your website will essentially make both you and Google more effective at what you’re trying to accomplish, which in this case is more viewers and higher search result placement.

Google uses algorithms to scan websites, check website history (domain age, for example), and countless other methods to prove both the validity and the relevancy of a website to make sure that when a person searches for a topic, they receive the closest results that exist. There are many factors involved when a search engine looks at a website, and knowing the SEO comic is goodmost important ones will help you get more traffic, more links to your website, and more notice on social media networks. This synergy between your website and Google can work well for both, as the search engine can provide better results for a potential viewer and your website has more access to those viewers. Investing in an SEO company for your website, the team is constantly on top of Google’s latests updates so they will be sure to keep your website relevant and¬†¬†maintain it’s high rank.

As an example, let’s say you’ve got a website about barbecuing and you’re looking to let more people know about the absolute best method of perfecting the art of bbq. Your website will have a host of recipes, pictures, links to other barbecue websites and should be jam packed with relevant keywords like steak, sauce, grill, and anything else related to your topic. Google will take all of the content of your website into account while ranking how legitimate of a resource your page is for anybody who does a Google search for barbecue, world’s best bbq recipes, how to grill a steak, etc. Search engines do this this by scanning your website’s content (in this case barbecue and anything related to it) and tagging it as a site about barbecuing, which it then ranks against other websites about similar topics. The more you mention anything related to your topic, the higher you will rank with Google and the more likely you are to be among the most relevant search results.